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Hi! I am Nupur, after having spent a considerable time as an IT consultant I took a leap of faith and entered the zone of content creation. I have been writing reviews and creating content on Instagram for more than a year now and only recently did it come to me to work more towards it. I am a freelance writer and content creator now. I would like to say an aspiring writer too, but so far there's only a feeble argument to support that clause (lol!) :)

Reading life is one I chose because it is where I find my true self. I cannot fathom my ideal time doing anything other than reading.

My passion for reading led me to start my own book review blog, penning down my views about the leaflets I read, not often do we meet people of the same frequency sharing an appetite for reading; I just want to reach these readers- new, avid and all-sort-of-creative-minds through Flip-a-leaf.

I am always available for a bookish talk, rant or discussion on Instagram- @nupur_flipaleaf

Find me on Goodreads - Nupur Lakhe

Email me for collaborations and review copies at- lakhe.nupur@gmail.com

Sometimes you can find be lingering on twitter- @flipaleaf

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