Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Book Review of Sula by Toni Morrison

Sometimes we are quick to decide if we loved a book or not so much. But some books trick their way into your heart and mind. They just give you a momentous adjective to remember them by but sink in much later and for longer. Sula was one such for me. I always felt reading a Morrison would be pleasing. I was pleased to read her but her work is something more extravagant than being called “pleasing”.

Sula is about the mostly black community in Bottom, Ohio which is ironically an up hill area above the wealthier white locality, Medallion. Thriving in this town where National Suicide Day is a thing started by a WWI survivor, Shadrack to combat fear of death and amongst the typical black and white animosity is a thick friendship of Sula and Nel. Despite their contrasting backgrounds they are attached to each other all through their adolescent life. As the story progresses we see the graph of this friendship shifting patterns. The societal norms intervening, shaking and questioning a fond relationship and its beholders.

Morrison very ambiguously talks about good and evil, right and wrong, human morals, emotions and social conventions. In a way she challenges the reader to form opinions of their own about the aforementioned. Her writing backs up the idiosyncrasies of Sula as a character, while she talks of people and their lives, who are constantly caught up in the chains of race and gender.

Sula, as a character is one with whom you form a love hate relationship. You like how she is so non-withered with social obligations, distinct and you are furious and hurt when she tends to not think morally. Nonetheless, as a book Sula is highly recommendable as it explores female companionship unbelievably well, apart from the other elements of family and relationships.

Every page worth the time is Sula for you, concisely.

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