Wednesday, 7 August 2019

The unlikely adventures of Shergill Sisters-Balli Kaur Jaswal

Reading the author’s new was like taking a route travelled before. It had similar traits and along I drove on to meandering paths keeping my keen eyes open for any new discovery. It was a good journey nevertheless.

It is the story of Shergills.Mother Shergill leaves a letter for her daughters upon her death asking them to take a pilgrimage trip to India and dust her ashes.The three Shergill Sisters are not very happy about this plan as they do not get along.They still do it for the sake of their mother. What sheds on this journey is their baggage which each one has been carrying since a long time, their self doubts and fake assurances to themselves. We see the wall between them and their emotions melting giving way to a newly formed sibling relationship and respect. The book also talks about how as immigrants they view India, a lot of keenness towards the locales and little struggles to establish connect to their mother’s roots.I liked how Balli Kaur Jaswal maintained the plainness of their immigrant status.No over enthusiastic patriot-ness. The story touches emotional grounds where the daughters are seen reminiscing their mother together and sometimes in solitude. The author is immensely talented to eloquently articulate humour squeezed out from very real, relatable and everyday situations binding you in splits of laughter.

While I loved how warm, funny and smooth this book was I also felt that the predictability factor was quite high. It was easy to navigate through the book for the same reason. Nevertheless, it keeps the reader hooked and you want to know if what you guessed was right or wrong. Had it been any longer it would have felt dragged.I think this could make a great screen adaptation. I really enjoyed reading it.

It doesn’t beat Erotic stories for Punjabi widows hands down but makes an ideal pick for days when you feel gloomy and sick. This one will just perk your mood up.

My rating:

Thank you Harper Collins India for the review copy.(#gifted)

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