Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Book review of Don't Run, My Love by Easterine Kire

The anxiousness of trying out a new author is like exploring a new city. You don’t know what you might end up loving. With no clue of how an author writes and what her literary strength is, a book is worth the time when you close it feeling happy and satiated.

My first encounter with Easterine Kire and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Her prowess of weaving a world and filling it with a simplistic beauty of words is what I admired the most. Don’t run, My love by Kire took me back to my childhood when hearing and reading Indian folklore and folktales were a special part of growing up. I was in a phase of sheer nostalgia while reading this little black book.

It is a simple story of Visenuo and Atuonuo, a mother and a daughter who are going about their day with their routine work when they meet Kevi, a young Hunter. With his loving demeanour and persona he easily slips into their life until they come to know there’s more to him. Kevi’s vicious angry nature with turn of events reveals a side of him which is animalistic. The rest that follows is their will to escape him. The story is inspired from the folk tales of “were-tiger” (tekhumevi) which was believed to be prevalent in earlier times. A legend we must have heard stories of in our childhood too.

I specifically love a book which does not boast of its literary power. Adorned with meaningful writing, however simpleton it might be Kire swooped me in with the first page and made her case with a strong story dusted with thrill, a little message of reflection over human behaviour and modest characters.

There is no bad time to read this one. It is one which can be picked up at any moment and relished, especially if short books are your jam.

My Rating:
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 ( I loved it more than a 4 star but since I do not have any comparison scale of her other works it would be a 4 for now)

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