Thursday, 11 July 2019

Of love and other demons by Gabriel García Márquez

Can he surprise me any more by his magical realism prowess? The answer to that is Yes (of course) but it is beyond my imagination to look for the “how” in it. If his short length books are so impressive, I cannot fathom the havoc his longer books will create. It will be nothing less than a tornado uprooting me inside out.

Before I dwell into the plot of the book I want to take a moment to marvel and applaud the metaphoric narrative used by Gabo to describe love and situations alike. Just as love can rekindle joy and hope it can also destroy; be it self destruction or a relationship being murdered at loss of love. This wonderfully manufactured book talks of love as a disease, the most ecstatic feeling and a demon. To comprise all this in a well knit prose is a mark of literary excellence.

Sierva Maria is bit by a rabid dog but doesn’t diagnose of rabies for a long time although it plaques. With an instigated fear and superstition, mislead by people around town her father, the Marquis sends her to convent where a priest is to perform exorcism on her to relieve her from the demonic possession, as concluded. Instead of giving her copious doses of love that she was stricken of since childhood, the Marquis chooses otherwise. The conclusion of the book is breathtaking and magical.

“Of love and other demons” is morose, brimming with love; deprived, found and lost gilded with Márquez’s lustrous writing.

I can’t wait to read his two other works- Love in the time of Cholera which bears certain resemblances to this one in terms of love metaphorised as an epidemic and One hundred years of solitude which is considered his masterpiece.I hope I read them this year so I can declare myself a true lover of Gabo’s work.

My Rating:
Must read! Highly recommend.

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