Saturday, 15 June 2019

The Moment of Lift-Melinda Gates

It is always said-when you empower a women you empower a society. Do we really see this happening? At times we do when we come across examples where women work as allies and uplift each other for betterment, but to the several incidents of oppression, abuse and harassments we can never turn a blind eye, how much we try. The recent rave being the abortion debate which took flight sometime back.The Moment of lift by Melinda Gates is that ray of hope towards lifting women in the society and aiming for it to be more progressive for women and children, so the girl child doesn’t have to go through what her mother’s plight was, once upon a time.

Reading about Melinda’s personal experiences and stories from her home, her workplace or her struggle with creating a work environment for female colleagues which they deserved was enlightening. The book is brimmed with the philanthropy and social causes their foundation has looked upon and succeeded in materialising. A lot of them were so shocking to know.The stories from India and the work done here caught my special attention and it simply surprised me. I was so unaware of it until I read this book.

You can almost mirror yourself when Melinda talks about how gender equality starts first at home, her decisions with her pregnancy because it is “her” right over her body first, how we shy away but eventually must come out of the shadow of our spouse and her musings over her professional journey as an individual,as a woman. These were the sparks which ignited the motives and actions their foundation eventually took around the globe to break the walls surrounding women and helped them take their first step towards empowerment primarily giving them charge over their own body.

If you are ever in a mood to read about positive construction of world for women, lift this book up.

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Thank you to the publisher- Panmacmillan for the review copy. #gifted

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