Friday, 21 June 2019

My Sister,the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

I had jumped on to this book with great interest because obviously- @womensprize shortlistee, gaining so much hype and a very intriguing title; it had everything which is required to pull a reader towards it. But, I was not spell bound particularly and there were little things which contributed to my underwhelming experience.

Ayoola, the younger sister is a serial killer and Korede, the elder one who is a nurse does up all the cleaning after.While I loved how there were emotions, which we rarely find in a mystery thriller I thought the plot lost track focussing on irrelevant details rather than the main story. While I liked the sibling love, both of them having each other’s back it made me furious how it was always Korede who was the scapegoat and the morally wrong Ayoola got away every time and with everything she wanted which ticked me off. While I liked how it combined the crime fiction and simultaneously dealt with feminism,sexism and misogynistic attitude, I wanted more details and insights into the killings, the sole history of the knife and its possession didn’t work for me. And lastly, while I do understand what must have made it secure a position in the women’s prize shortlist I still truly felt that there are more worthy crime fiction novels out there.

I’d still recommend this one because it does have some unusual elements which are not found in crime fiction books.This review could count in the #unpopularopinion because it didn’t make me go “wow” and I was ripped off the “edge of the seat” thrill.

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