Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Why I recommend reading Sophie Kinsella’s- My not so Perfect life

Last night I came across a very unpleasant news floating on Instagram about a blogger ending her life. Speculations are depression, social media pressure and similar things which I assume were related to her blogging life. Although, there is no such concrete information available on it as of now. In my heart I wished- Oh! Please let this be a rumor. I can remotely connect to her feelings, of what she must have gone through. I don't know her name, who she was and I wasn't following her too. But, this incident got me to thinking that is this what he have reduced our life to be? Taking stress about something a vicious circle called social media, the number of followers, the pressure of performing more, looking at other people’s profile and sulking at our own life and assuming stuff which might not even be true about people who we randomly just check out and for that matter our friends too. Pictures don’t speak for themselves and I think they should just be looked at rather than be stressed upon.

I thought today is an appropriate day to write about a book which busts this myth of Instagram and social media in its own light and humorous way. My not so Perfect life by Sophie Kinsella is a very good example of how wrongly we might perceive someone based on their Instagram profile and pictures. Like I said before, pictures don’t speak for themselves. They don’t speak for the life one must be living with their own set of problems, that they have an imperfect life too, that they have their share of ups and downs which the social media doesn’t reflect. Once upon a time photographs were clicked because we felt like we wanted to make memories and save them forever in the form of pictures, so when our kids grow up we can look back at the past and see them with our younger selves on a gorgeous holiday. But now, has it really become more of a social media thing? And even if it has, there is no problem sharing it with family and friends over a common platform but the real problem is we individuals assuming it for something different and giving it some extra thought.

Kinsella’s book takes us through the life of a young girl Katie, who wants to make her big career in London and is struggling to do the same. Saving money by staying in an apartment which accommodates three people with much difficulty. Demeter is her boss at work, who she looks upon for a lot of things apart from her smart work mind. Katie thinks Demeter’s life is perfect, with perfectly looking children like models, a perfect husband, the couple with a perfect job and a fabulously perfect house. But, the turn of the events are such that Katie finds herself jobless and helping her father with their new camp business. It is then, that she discovers the quite tumultuous life of Demeter; and it dawns on her that she got it all wrong. It is okay to live an imperfect life, absolutely normal. Perfection is a myth, as it is! It is a wonderfully pleasing read. It has wit and fun simultaneously giving us signals that it is just fine to hit a like on a picture and move on with your own life, rather than contemplating over it. The book is like looking into the mirror sometimes. The writing is nice to the feel. It’s a breezy book though it feels dragged and unnecessary lengthy after a major part of second half but, I would still ask you to read it. Read it whenever and wherever you can- a holiday, by the pool, while commuting to work or just before going to sleep. By the time you finish it, this simple story will convey the message I am trying to convey through my blog post.

I am myself a blogger, a book reviewer and rigorous Instagram user majorly for bookstagram. I like taking a peak at the wonderful work some bloggers are doing apart from book bloggers. And their posts do nothing but inspire at times. A competitiveness is sure to be because it is like a sea of superbly talented people out there. I am sure it bogs us down sometimes, demotivating us looking at the growth of a fellow blogger. We all have our share of bad days. What comes to respite at such times is just letting it go. Do your thing and just let it be. Speak to your family and friends. Do not keep it bottled up. There will be a time your efforts will pay you back. Even if doesn’t, is it worth enough to make it life-havocking and taking a toll of it on our minds. No! Nothing is worth the life you are living, especially not social media. 

Let's keep it Real, and not Perfect.


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