Friday, 30 March 2018

Interview with Author Ambica Uppal for her book Malhaar:

Being a reader, it never occurred to me, to be reading poetry. May be because I wasn’t inclined towards reading it, say after I finished school. The last I remember contemplating on poems were my English classes in school. Until recently, when I received a mail about her book of poems from author Ambica Uppal. May be it was time to try out the poetry after all.

I read the first segment of her poems, and some of them really tug at your heart.

I did my first ever author interview with her a couple of days back. And it was great getting to know her and her book which is just a few weeks away from the release. We could communicate only through the screen because of the geographical constraints, as she resides in Canada. Below are the fun questions I asked her:

1. Tell us something about your new book. Malhaar is a book of Poems, prose and spoken word poetry. It’s a mixed bag with Lyrical and free style of poetry. 

2. Did you always want to write poetry? I have written poems from when I was perhaps 9/10 years old! I would write poems in my diary. Then in university I shared them in the college magazine and later through email with my family and friends. So, I have been writing poems for a while, sharing on Instagram has been quite recent. 

3. Do you have a target audience? I don’t write with any particular target audience in mind, though I do know that a lot of young girls between the age 18-25 follow me. 

Tell us your favorites:

1. Favorite poet: Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Neruda, Hieu Nyugen, Salman Rushdie

2. Favorite book: hard to pick one! I like the book thief, when breath becomes air, Room 
... I can go on and on and on.

3. Favorite drink while reading:  coffee! I love my cup of coffee. There’s a Starbucks in my building. I think the Starbucks baristas in my building consider me as a family now! 

4. Favorite childhood memory: many memories, hard to pick one and narrate. Growing up in Delhi cantonment area there were a lot of pink Bougainville flowers. I love those flowers! 
(Oh! Bougainville are my favorites too!)

5. Favorite corner of your house: my kitchen, when I am in the mood to cook. 

6. Favorite things to use as bookmarks, or are you a religious bookmark user/reader:  I really like to read and also am a huge hoarder of books. I lose my bookmarks very often though! I buy many and lose many. Not very good at keeping them. 

7. Favorite Indian food: ah! Yellow home cooked daal with Basmati Rice, with ghee. (Looks like we have so much in common! <wink> )

What is it that you miss the most about India? Family and food

Any message for readers who will be reading your book?  Yes, to believe in themselves. And every phase in which life passes. So as they say, this too shall pass. 

I am really looking forward to reading all the other poems real soon and reviewing it here too. Pre-order your copy if you’d like a whiff of these poems. Leaving you all a link below to save you the hassles of searching it. Go grab your copy now!


  1. Can't wait for Ambica Uppal to release her new book, I am sure it will be amazing. Hope it will happen as soon as possible.

  2. Dear friends, thank you for your care and love. It seems that you have done a lot in order to make this article appealing and attractive for everyone.

  3. I am also waiting for the book to be released. I guess that there should be someone who could recommend us what to do. And where we can find the complementary version.


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