Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Kindle Story:

A long time back I promised to share my experience with the kindle which I had then, just bought. Browsing through my old posts on Instagram, I got reminded of it. And, here I am with a quick share of my thoughts on this gadget.

A lot of times I have been asked by friends and acquaintances (for which I am grateful) that whether we should buy a kindle or not? Well, let me just start by saying that nothing, and no gadget can compare to the feeling of holding a book, the smell of a new book or the rusty smell of an oldie; these are feelings which transport us to a different world but let’s keep this feeling aside for a while. Kindle is a very portable, easy to use device, light enough to be carried anywhere, can be held with just one hand while you want to have your tea simultaneously and great for people who travel a lot; as carrying a stack is not always feasible and not very logical too. It is also great for new mommies who want to catch up on their reading and be by the sleeping baby’s side. Saying all that, a lot of people would think - all this can be done on the kindle app as well on our iPads. Well, of course why not. The benefits by which kindle wins here is its feather light weight and the non-glare screen with brightness adjustment (starts with kindle paperwhite), having said that we know that we can’t avoid the glare on our iPad's or tablets, may be just set it to minimum.

Should you buy the kindle then? No not necessary. Owning a kindle is a personal choice but more than that it depends on the frequency of your reading. There is no point in putting money to buy the gadget if your reading frequency is once in two months or only on vacations. For such, the kindle app comes handy on the iPad/tablets and the occasional reader wouldn’t mind the glare. With this I have answered the aforementioned question in the previous paragraph. Blabbering a little more about kindle I would like to say it makes shopping on amazon for the books really easy, which is again not the case with the app. You can find your next read, buy it and start reading it within minutes without having to reach for your laptop or your phone for amazon app to make the purchases.

I shifted to being a hard core paper reader to kindle app on iPad and finally over to the Kindle. And, therefore I can say that I am happy I took the shift because my experience with reading on kindle has been amazing. There have been times when I have extended my bedtime reading hours until late at night by my sleeping baby but not compromising on leaving my book when it reached an interesting turn. It also makes reading easy while handling your toddler, when you are in too much hurry to bookmark your page. It fits in my bag, is user friendly and sometimes I get cheap prices for kindle books. Wouldn’t you now say, that it’s a stealer! And so, I love them both, my hardcovers and my kindle.

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