Monday, 15 January 2018

Everything is Mama – Jimmy Fallon

My one year old has started mumbling words which I think only he understands and so ‘Everything is Mama’ became the perfect first birthday present for him; also his first book to be received as a gift. And, we know that books make a lovely gift, age no bar. Don’t we?
The book was a recommendation from Arjun’s dear aunt. We really have a lot of fun reading this picture book which has minimal words and is ideal for when your little one is just starting to learn words or has started to enjoy seeing pictures because initially everything for them is mama- a ball, an apple or a toy for the first words they always say is ‘Mama’ and it takes a while to get them to know there are other fun words they can say too. It has really cute pictures and animations. I usually mimic the words for my toddler and he enjoys the sound and expressions of it, sensing this is a fun game which mama is playing.

I really like what Jimmy Fallon said ‘If you have a three year old, they’ll love the pictures. If you have a one year old, they’ll love how it tastes.’ I have managed to keep it tooth free till now, giving it to him only under my supervision. So, yes that goes as a disclaimer for all the parents. They are little to realize the hurt of a torn book, but we must try our best to keep it from being tattered.

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