Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Secret to Hummingbird cake- Celeste Fletcher McHale

Two things caught me into reading this book, first was the book cover- A pretty cake sitting on its throne; the second was the name of the book- very inquisitive; such that you'd want to know the 'secret' immediately. Although I read this book over kindle, I plan to buy a hardcover of the same for keepsake and to enhance the beauty of my bookshelf. Books with such pretty covers are keepers.

I really liked this book for a couple of reasons; reasons which I will elaborate shortly. But, I have to admit that at times simplicity feels underrated. This one is such a simple book with a simple story of three friends. The story is not unique, you will feel you have read books on similar lines before; yet this one steals your heart.

The protagonists are three females; thick friends, such that they know when the other one has skipped a heart beat, but strikingly varied personas. Sometimes it so happens that you just need a moment to connect with someone and what lasts is a strong bond of friendship for decades to come- this kind of friendship has been showcased in here; the one all hope for and some find. The book starts with an ongoing introduction to the three characters- Carrigan, Ella Rae and Laine. While Carrigan and Ella Rae are the one's with the wild streak, Laine is the softer, wise and subtle among them all. She is often found advising Carrigan on her marital issues which apparently she is dwelling in since sometime,  while Ella Rae has nothing much to say to her except - whatever makes you happy; such vivid are their responses and hence their personalities! The book starts off a little slow and feels dragged initially and you wonder when the hummingbird cake is going to make an entry, the excitement perks up when there is just one line about the hummingbird cake in the early pages and then you have to wait a long time to read about it again.

The story is quite plain, Carrigan, Laine and Ella Rae are dealing with a situation they best can. It speaks about the void that is created after your loved one's are gone, it shows how with a little love and more understanding relationships can be sustained. I can't give the slightest hint of what the plot is because that might give away from the excitement of reading the book, and also because it might mislead the readers to predict the story. So, let me jump over to the writing of the book. Like I said before, it starts off slow, paving up the story and characters but it is just to build up what is coming ahead and make it more relatable. The words are so well put, that when Carrigan pours her heart out you will feel her hurt, when she is angry you will feel her anger and when she is emotional, it is going to choke you. And, why I talk about Carrigan more is because the narration is her perspective. The humor sure is going to make you chuckle once a while. This book is a masterpiece combination of emotions, humor, love, life and friendship put together with dexterity. I got near to tears at more than one places, and often thinking during reading this book- who my Laine and Ella Rae are? I haven't got the answer yet. This one here, just shows how perfect a simply put story with a sprinkle of emotions and skillful writing can turn out to be. I am not usually a chick-lit book picker, but this one surely adds up into my list of the one's I have liked. 

I don't know if I have done a fair job writing this review, because while reading the book there was a storm of emotions running inside me, from time to time I disliked Carrigan's behavior or was not able to understand Laine, though I loved how they understood each other flawlessly, at times I felt the book was being dragged and some parts were unnecessary. But, when I reached towards the end I realized may be all that 'formed' the book and it wouldn't have looked so good without all the build-up. 

And the secret to hummingbird cake? well, lets just say if you 'love' reading the book you might find the secret yourself.

A must, must read!

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