Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Indestructibles - The perfect book for the babies

They gnaw, they chew and they always want to put it in their mouth, they are book eaters more than they are book readers. And certainly, as a parent you are concerned about the stuff they put in their mouth and worrying if they might have swallowed something harmful when you were not looking. And as a person who loves books you might be worried about the books being spoilt.

Indestructibles - the solution to all the aforementioned worries and problems. 
Indestructibles is a series of books or rather can be called as a brand of books which is made from a paper like material which is wear and tear proof, and is non-toxic for the babies if they happen to put it in their mouth. It is washable so, Bye bye stains!

All these qualities make it an easy maintenance choice for your little one without comprising on your wish to give them books. They will chew, and they will try to tear it but least be assured when they are done with all of this, they might look at the pictures on the book at least once. That one glance of few seconds is going to make this a worthy buy. Not to forget, Indestructibles provide a variety of books to choose from with a little something for the babies to learn, and parents to teach.

I bought Arjun the one which has Baby Faces and expressions. He enjoys looking at my face with rapt attention when I re-create them for him. Every book will bring with itself a little memory for you to hold on to, with this one - Arjun held the book like it should be held, for the first time. It was a delight to see him.

Go, hurry! Order one for your little one now before there’s a ripping sound of a page being torn or a piece of paper being relished in the mouth.


  1. Hahaha so cute! I was more focused on the cute little kid teething the book instead of the book itself but nice idea. This should make the lives of so many parents with infants easier.

    1. Thank you. :) yes it surely does make it easier for the parents.


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