Saturday, 23 September 2017

It is never too late to start again:

Since a month I have been thinking about how I would start this post, the one after a long break. I could swear on the Game of Thrones series of books (which I am yet to read but am officially a fan) of how much I have missed writing the reviews, blog posts and reading more books.

Being a new mum is overwhelming and exhausting at the same time; more so if the child is active enough to be crawling to all the corners of the house and keeps you on your toes. So yes, it has been an incredible journey so far and I am sure there's a lot left to explore as a mother.
I have always looked back at my childhood to the time when reading was our hobby, me and my sister's. Our summer vacations would be about reading story books, our Christmas holidays about getting them as gifts and always waiting for the time when we would buy some new ones to add to our collection. A lot of credit goes to my mum who always encouraged us to read. The memories are still afresh. I want to be able to build the same kind of memories for my son. Growing up he may pursue his interests whatever they are, as a parent I will always encourage his interests, but a part of me innocently wishes that he develop a liking towards reading, to explore the magical world which exists in between the pages where creativity and imaginations knows no bounds, and where knowledge exists in abundance. Growing up, I want him to love his books and his soccer ball equally. Many people feel and question that such small babies don't even understand what's in the book that you read to them. I agree they won't, at this age. But, telling them stories, showing them colors, patterns and pictures and making them feel the book are not just excuses to feed them or put them to sleep but also bond with them. Doctors these days suggest the same as it helps with the development of the brain at some level. And as I always say, Its better to start them early.

I bought Arjun, my boy, his first book when he was 2 month old. And have started to build his stack since then. It's a small one for now. I make it a point to buy one for him when I buy one for myself. I am going to share my experiences and stories of baby books and Arjun on the blog also.

So, now that I am willing to be back, I am going to make an attempt to kick off Flip-a-leaf again. The posts will be vivid- reviews, stories and bookish posts. Currently, I am a slow reader, and unable read as much as I would love to. So, I try to grab the opportunity to read when time permits but I am sure there will be something for the flip-a-leaf readers and followers to browse on the blog. 

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