Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Books Fall open, and You fall in- Your To-Be-Read (TBR) pile with Flip-a-leaf: #StockitUP

Fall is officially here, so what is that one thing you like about this season? Is it the snuggly sweaters you get to wear, or sipping on your warm drinks or just being home cuddled up with your book and watching the pretty colors outside your window? Oh sounds so dramatic!:) Well, my favorite would be the latter. After all, when has cuddling up with a book ever been bad? I am sure readers would have definitely prepared their TBR pile by now to accompany them with their hot cup of cocoa. If you are still hunting for 'that' one book, Flip-a-leaf is here to help you build your stack.

The Time traveler’s wife by Audrey Niffenegger: This is my personal recommendation as I look forward to reading it soon too. It is a romance and a Science fiction story about Henry and Clare and how Henry time travels because of his genetic disorder and how Clare copes up with his non-existence and the never ending wait which comes with it. I am sure it will offer a great twisting turn of events as there is always something enthralling about love stories which are slightly irregular than the one which are passé.

Selection Day by Aravind Adiga: If cricket and reading interest you, there can be no better combination than Selection Day. It is a story about two boys Manju and Radha who are coached by their father Mohan, a chutney seller on the streets of Mumbai. Enveloped with prowess of cricket and their constantly pushy father the story moves ahead with the boys' shifting fortunes alongside the game.The author is known to combine the glitter and the gleam, equality and unequality existing in the society with much finesse.With Aravind Adiga’s raw writing and humor sprinkled punches it is surely going to keep you hooked. 

One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat: It is this time of the year when we wait to read India’s beloved author. The author speaks of his new one as being a “Feminism” oriented novel; seeing the world through a female’s eyes. It will be interesting to know how the author has managed to put this vision down on paper. The excerpt from the book which released last month was quite a rage on twitter, showing how expectantly people wait for his books to come out. So, there’s still time, pre-order your copy now and it will reach you just in time, near its release date.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins: Who doesn’t like a racy thriller with spikes of adventure?! Well, this book will be the most preferable and sought after novel when we know the movie will be out soon. For avid readers, the debate of movie vs. book is never ending, and The Girl on the train is going to amp it up further more. Pounce on it so you have your brownie points ready for the discussion.

Harry Potter and the cursed child: It is never too late for a Harry Potter book. Read it to your kid or cuddle yourself up reading it; it is something which both the parents and the kids enjoy reading. Although there were mixed reviews about this edition, and it left many fans disappointed; no reason is ever enough to stop a Potter devotee from reading this enchanting novel.

For the love of 'Love’: The book stores are never devoid of this genre of books. Our romance fanatic readers are in for a treat all through the year for the racks always have a Nora Robert seller or a Danielle Steel seller up for grabs. You are sure to find something that will make your heart skip a beat and click your mind too.

I hope you will find something from these picks which will suffice your interests and keep you occupied for the lovely season coming ahead. Though I always say, there are no seasons to read something which you have longed to for a long time now, but being blessed with such natural change of colors around, why not celebrate this fall with some amazing leaflets, and make it a ritual so all it leaves you with are amazing bookish memories.


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  3. Wow, these were my all-time favorites from the bestsellers of their time. I would love to have them again. Thanks for refreshing all of my memories

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