Monday, 15 August 2016

Work, Life & the Balance in Between- Tomson Robert

How many of us actually love the jobs that we do? Do we love them because of the perks they offer, the money, or because of the work that is actually aligned with the role? Does it occur to you sometimes to runaway and start something of your own which you are passionate about? Such questions have often set me thinking, and so I wonder whether they bother others too, even those who have plush jobs, like an elite role in a big investment firm or a MNC. Thus I was really sure about doing this book review when I first saw the book up on the WritersMelon website. It is on something which I relate to very closely.

Work, Life and the Balance in between talks about and answers very common questions relating to our everyday lives at work, the questions which sometimes pop-up in our head while making a mind-numbing report or the thoughts which our mind processes while seeing our peers at work. The fact that it comes from the man himself; Tomson Robert, who has juggled a lot in his professional and personal life because of work , trying to strike the right balance makes it more relevant for every associate hammering their brains in front of a computer. The book is in the form of short stories. Now, the thing I love about a book with short stories is, you never get bored of reading it and you need not maintain a typical sync to read it; it is to be enjoyed as the stories come. Let’s say, it is a very non-pressurized form of reading a book.

Coming back to the stories, all the aforementioned material connects like dots to give you a meaningful story, each with a message as it concludes. Like always, I have a few favorites this time too. To be or not to be an Entrepreneur impressed me in terms of its implication towards the enthusiastic thinking of an individual who aspires to become an entrepreneur. We often know that we want to do a certain business, but we forget to pay heed to all the ground work, logistics and research it needs for the stability to establish itself in the market. I could totally relate to this one the most; as I am going through a similar turmoil myself, and so it felt like looking into the mirror. I liked Midnight conversation with Santa because it talked about happiness- how many of us in these times really do understand the meaning of that word? Materialistic life, social network and endless working hours have changed the true meaning of what 'being happy' means. Considering the fact that this story places itself right at the end of the list, somehow it gives a gist of the whole book. The Not so Social Network and Limited by Dimensions were inadequate to some extent. The Not so Social Network spoke about how the social media and the venomous network rules our lives these days but I really wish it could have talked more about how a balance can be sought between real life and Facebook life, because that’s where we forget to draw our drapes. And, Limited by Dimensions seemed vaguely distant from the topic.

Tomson Robert, the author has tried to address almost all the issues and questions which one thinks about when they first set their foot in the corporate world. It is a very tedious task to convey big things- a strong message, humorous writing and a crisp conclusion- through a short story, which I think has been done commendably for some stories, but I would have loved to see the same for all of them. It is a leaflet which can be read by everyone, easy and at leisure. You never know when, while reading this, it might spark the answer to your long worried notion!


  1. Thanks a lot for the review Nupur. Much appreciated :-) tomson

  2. Thanks for sharing your great experience to all....


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