Saturday, 27 February 2016

Looking for Alaska- John Green

How often do you take book recommendations seriously? Well, I do every time! And when it comes from people, whom I look up to, I really can’t ignore it. Looking for Alaska was a recommendation from a person I dearly adore. I couldn’t have missed reading it. It was John Green's first novel; the journey of his writing through his first is quite interesting. I must say, Looking for Alaska is very good, for a first. No wonder it got John Green praises and accolades!

My first thoughts when I completed this book were - how I am I going to put the most difficult emotions into a string of words?! The emotion called Forgiveness. Love. Friendship. Mind you, this was like a marathon reading. I would only keep the book down when my eyes refused to read any more. It has a captivating story, and the flow keeps you totally interested and engaged.

As the name of the book says, it is a story about Alaska but more so, about a boy named Miles and the changes he and his life encounters when he joins Culver Creek high school and befriends Colonel, Takumi, Lara and of course, Alaska. They are a bunch of people smoking their worries out. What attracts him the most is Alaska and her irrational behavior. There is a line which describes her very beautifully.

“If people were rain, I was drizzle, and she was a hurricane.” - Looking for Alaska

Let’s get into character diving first. Miles has been shown as a very submissive (by choice!) bloke who knows the last words of famous people and is in search of his Great Perhaps. Because of his previous bitter experiences at school, he refrains from making friends and has become used to having no one around him. Thus he is elated when he finds a couple of people in Culver Creek who, unlike others, seem to like him. On the other hand, Alaska is the complete opposite of what Miles is. The whole school knows her, the students are wary of her pranks, the Principal’s first doubts are always on her- she is quite a famous person in Culver Creek. Though she appears to be an extrovert, no one knows what goes on in her mind, her mood swings take people by surprise and she has never let anyone come close and peep in her life. Miles gets attracted towards her, he feels she is a mystery and he wants to know her better. Along the way, over jokes and time spent together he falls in love; only she doesn’t know. Colonel is like the cool guy with a heart and is a best friend and roommate to Miles. Takumi and Lara are also the part of the Gang. Unaware themselves, they become so close to each other, it takes only a major event for them to realize about their friendship. What is that event which shakes the soul out of Alaska’s friends? Does Alaska get out of her 'Labyrinth' or put others in it? What makes Miles feel so guilty about him?
The story is very intriguing and the pace of events is good. I can't reveal much about the plot, it would be crime; but the moment you wonder “What’s next?” there is a turn in the episode. Thus, it is unexpected and keeps you hooked. It is beautifully written- passion, humor, love, thrill, literature- there is everything in it. I really liked the thought-provoking storyline. At first sight, it might look like a story of college students and two people falling in love, but there is something more to it. It speaks about Forgiveness and sometimes how necessary it is to forgive yourself and others. It is also the answer to one of the questions Alaska frequently refers in the book- How do you get out of the Labyrinth of suffering?

I read this book when I was myself going through a personal event. We dig so much in to facts like whose fault was it, shall I be guilty or what could I have done to avoid it, looking for such answers only makes our life un-restful. The only way to move ahead is to Forgive and Let Go.

I read the book on Kindle. But, now I want it up on my book shelf too. It deserves to be there.

Highly recommended! Do read!


  1. Awesome !! Thanks for this. I appreciate the exclusive review this time ;)

  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  3. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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