Sunday, 24 January 2016

My Walk to the "Walking BookFair"

What can be more ecstatic than book shopping? Well, for booklovers that is one thing that excites them the most. Also, the other thing that makes you feel delighted is meeting other book lovers, book keepers and new authors who have stepped up in this world of book writing.

I couldn’t ask for a better Sunday! I follow my favorite book café – Pagdandi on social media everywhere, and just browsing through my instagram on a lazy Saturday afternoon I see this picture of a street van infront of Pagdandi selling books, lots of them. And there I was the next day, laying my hands on the books, making my Sunday evening blissful, and thinking about a lovely reading week ahead. I ended up buying three!!

I met Akshaya Satabdi, and spoke to her about this unique idea of travelling 10,000kms in 90 days interacting with book lovers and readers all around India. The associations name is- Walking BookFairs, they conduct these kinds of tours and support budding writers, giving them a platform to showcase their work and also get to know the reader crowd. Walking BookFair is based out of Bhubaneshwar, and is currently on a tour with their van filled with books for 3 months. Talking about new writers and authors, I also met Pankaj Sekhsaria, whose debut novel - ‘The Last Wave’ has released just recently. While some of the papers have marked it as a commendable debut, I look forward to reading and reviewing it sometime soon over Flip-a-leaf too.

What is really appreciable; is the idea, sounds so unique yet is simply about books and the people who get attracted to them like magnets, and what more fun than watching the enthusiasm in a reader and spotting readers of every age groups searching for “the” book they want to buy.

Wishing Walking BookFairs All the luck for the awesome work that they are doing. Hope to see them soon in Pune again!


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