Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I Do! Do I ? – Ruchita Mishra

Browsing Amazon for my daily dose of books, I came across this novel by a new Indian author, the reviews looked pretty okay, many said the humor quotient worked well, and that's when I decided to buy this one. I have an affinity towards great humor. Anuja Chauhan tops my list of Indian Authors currently, so I felt like checking out this one as well,wondering whether it would rise up the rungs or stay low.

Before I start pouring out my review, I want to make a note for my fellow readers; this book is NOT for you if you are looking for a story, a flawless write-up, and meaningful content. This book IS for you if you are dearly attracted to the repetitive romcom flavor shown in movies, both Bollywood and Hollywood.

The story is about Kasturi and her gang, Purva-her two year long boyfriend, Anu and Ameya aka Peetaji. Kasturi, or Kas is overwhelmed to an extent of nervousness when a sudden engagement is announced by Purva's family. Although they are together since 2 years, yet Kasturi doubtfully dwindles the ring on her finger, feeling unsure about the wedding. Her nights are horrified by dreams of Rajeev, her old love. She starts drawing comparisons between the two men. Will she call off her wedding? Does she still love Rajeev who cheated on her? When you can't get too much love out of these three characters, there pop in two more- Anu and Peetaji, their relationship is facing the wrath of Anu's IAS parents, who think an MBA graduate working boy isn't suitable for their theatrical daughter. And so starts the love saga of tears, smiles with tears, angry tears and some more tears of happy endings.

I felt there is no newness in the book, the story- its predictable and the scenes are boring. The author has tried to portray Kasturi as "just another girl" who runs through the confusions when its time to make big decisions like marriage, or pouring out a fleet of tears for her friends but also a very confused one, and deliberately trying to get into troubles in office and with her mother-in-law.  Kas reminds me of Lindsay Lohan in the movie Just my Luck running into troublesome situations all the time. Only that was better!!Every time Kas, sputters something out of her mouth like tea, coffee or even water there's an alarming turn to the story which fizzes out yet again. The writing style per say is not mature and has lot of repeat notes. While the name of the book attracts you to read it, the content disappoints.I wish there was something more creative to represent under this title showcasing the author's imagination. I will surely give it to her for humor though, abrupt and natural.

I wanted to read the In(eligible) Bachelors also but I might give a second thought now before picking it up.
Disclaimer - To be read at your own risk!


  1. hahahah! Thanks for this honest review. I love reading books and novels and always on the hunt for great ones . Keep posting such reviews :)

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