Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Murder on the Orient Express- Agatha Christie
On one of our visits to the Crossword, my husband grabbed this book, only because the title lured him. And to me what appealed was the writer- Agatha Christie. He asked for my opinion and after getting a nod of my head, picked it up for his leisure reading.
And before he could start it, I pounced on it. Nothing works like mystery to get an idle mind clicking again.
Agatha Christie needs no introduction. The mystery writer is famous for the hundreds of stories she has knitted over the years, stories readers have never failed to be mystified by. Murder on the Orient Express is also one such murder mystery, featuring our very own Hercule Poirot. Who adeptly hides the web of thoughts in his mind while solving the mystery, this book sums up for a good read.
Plot: A murder on a train, caught amidst a snow drift. The murderer could not have run away for there are no footprints on the snow, which implies it is one of those aboard the train. So where did the murderer go? Who is it?

The answers to the questions unfold very aptly, keeping you hooked till page by page, the mystery is resolved. It might be no different for the regular Agatha Christie readers, they might even find the plot repeated, or the writing style similar to her other books, but for those who haven’t read them yet, this could make up a good first. The main characters are Poirot, Bouc and Dr. Constantine, the trio solving the murder mystery. On-the-go, many characters come up as suspects, and they have a link in common. Poirot racks his brain in the correct direction to find the link and close the case. His proceedings with the murder case, as shown in the book are remarkable. And how we know keeping your head cool can help you solve world’s biggest problems - This is showcased appropriately by Poirot.
I can’t reveal too much about the plot, because that will give up the suspense. For me, the book worked a great deal. It keeps you hooked just like a mystery novel should and has a climax that shocks and makes you marvel, both together. And, I would not like to make any comparisons between Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie’s mystery novels, as they maintain their own sanctity and individuality. We definitely have a huge fan following for Sherlock Holmes, probably a different kind of what Agatha Christie’s could be, but I am sure an avid reader wants to read a good book at the end of the day, so try it out, it might not end for you on a disappointing note on the whole.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this review with us. I really liked your post very much. I would like to read this book for sure. Great work done.


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