Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Writers block #unblock

Life is ridiculous, just when you desire something with all your heart, your mind might not be in the right space to achieve it. The sync of the mind and the heart is necessary in order to attain something creative; if not, what you get is a blockage, a vacuum, and it feels like the end of invention.

I took a break from work, and my sole intention was to read and blog. I did read, and I did write,it began quite well, and suddenly once when I sat down to pen down my review about a certain book, I felt like I couldn't write anymore and I wouldn't write anymore. I was somehow not satisfied with anything I tried to write, and new ideas didn’t just seem to come easily, or flow easily through my pen.. err.. keyboard. Change of book or topics didn’t make any difference. I felt like the graph of Flip-a-leaf was dipping down fortnight by fortnight, and even this stressor couldn’t push me enough to put down something creative. In the end, I just surmised that I was having what we call ‘writer’s block’.

So why did it happen? Lack of inspiration? Mental stress? It was because I lost my focus and zeal, unfortunately to the one thing I love the most, my blog, and when you do something because you HAVE to do it, not because you WANT to or are PUMPED UP about doing it, you tend to just lose more focus and wander like a boat without direction in an open sea. A vicious cycle indeed!

Hence, I went into hibernation mode.

What came to my rescue was an invite from a book café, for their writer's club. I readily accepted it and waited for the Sunday when I would be there. I was always fond of the Pagdandi books cum chai café and this time I had more than one reasons to be there- it felt like just the right platform and the place where I could be with a coping state of mind, trying to unblock the writer in me. And God, did it help like a wonder. I met many people, talked with some, and discussed stuff with some. It was recreational and inspiring both- meeting them, and discovering the vivid writers in all of them. The writing activities of the club were a welcome snack for the hungry writer in me to feast upon, challenging my mind and making me delve more into territories I had not explored so far. It was a very joyful experience and now I try to visit it regularly to ‘open up’. Something feels amiss, if I miss it on a Sunday.

The thing that acts as a respite, from the block is a change of environment, meeting people who carry the same wavelength as yours, some self-motivation and a push from within that if it has started it needs to be carried on, with the same zeal and passion.

Having unblocked myself from hibernation, I am going to bring you some back-to-back blogs. So, stay tuned. And until then, flip a leaf!

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