Saturday, 18 October 2014

Cutting Chai and Maska Pao- The way it is said in Mumbai Only

So its raining outside now, and what runs in my mind is a lovely brewed tea cuppa, the tea lover that I am..! And what I pen-down now is a coffee table book with a similar tempting name- Cutting Chai and Maska Pao. I just loved reviewing this one probably because of two reasons, the name dragged me totally in; and second, It features Mumbai at its best. Though well-acquainted with the city and Mumbai life, there are a lot of things I could relate to personally, and some which go in my Mumbai-bucket-list, and I want to definitely try.

It starts with the spicy Pav Bhaji , moves on to Irani Cafe's spread in South Mumbai, elaborates the chawls, unwinds the belief of nimbu-mirchi, and does not forget to include the most loved commuting means of the city, the BEST buses and the local trains, city lifeline, as they say!!

Like a perfect coffee table book, it does not make you monotonous at any point , and you can pick it up from where you left, as fresh in your mind. The pictures are beautiful and make the content more lively and explanatory. I am sure you might feel like getting a Bhel, or a Maska pao, generous with butter and a cup of tea to dip it in! The pictures are that tempting! 

The young talent, Mithila Mehta, Priya Sheth and Digantika Mitra, have shown a creative team work, in putting up a project which showcases the never sleeping, fast, dynamic and enigmatic Mumbai, clubbed in 100 pages! Thumbs up!

A must read for a Mumbaikar, to cherish all that their city offers and be proud of,for others to explore and a guide to who is new in the city. 


  1. After reading ur review and also being a mumbaikar I feel like really reading this book :)

    1. Thanks Shreya. I am sure you will love it too.


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