Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Love thy nature..

I am on a vacation, pampering myself to some lovely sights in north. The day we were about to leave from Pune, the hurry freak that my husband is and the forgetful chap that I am I forgot my Hemingway back home, and travel without a book, not-so-good! So, while we were waiting to board our flight and there was still sometime, I checked out a bookstore at the Pune airport, caught up on a Wodehouse book, the review for which you might expect soon on my blog. 

After we reached Manali , I was spellbound by the beauty and the lovely picturesque surroundings. We covered rohtang pass, and it was the most awesome experience ever! It is a must go place in India, you have missed out on a lot if you have missed this snowy adventure. By now I am just loving every bit of the trip. Enroute McLeod , it was a lovely drive.
Walking the steets of McLeod, I find some small book shops, 10-15 years old with cult books of all time, Coelho's series and not to forget my favorite Alchemist on the shelf, the Tibet books, good fat stock of Dalai Lama books. Definitely, a stop over if you are in McLeod streets and hunting a leaflet to satiate yourself.  I spoke with the person attending the counter and came to know it is a very old book shop. Also found a new bookstore, with all classics lined up and of-course the Tibet books of all times.

It gives a pleasure to cover and capture some of these bookshops, small and big! It only speaks of the many readers present all over the world. Nice to know! 

While I enjoy my hot momos and vacations for now, I shall be back with reviews soon! 


  1. Feels like m reading a popular author's blog... m sure u can write a book soon... all the best for ur future endeavours swthrt...

  2. Looks like u had an awesome trip exploring down the Northern region.. Congrats for this achievement and all the very best for future endeavours.. Keep rocking and Keep blogging...


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